Christine Burke

composer & performer

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2023.06.04 - a pe ri od ic premieres I will not dwell at Constellation, Chicago IL. Event information here


2023.07.06 - zone expérimentale basel + Ilan Volkov perform FAT SUNSET at the Tzlil Meudcan Festival in Israel.


2023.07.23 - performing organ improvisations at Public Space One's Close House alongside John EEE and Eli Wallace. Event information here.


2023.08.01 - the Christine Burke Ensemble performs music by Christine Burke, Justin K Comer, and Kory Reeder at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe.




Recent works & Recordings


Thrilled to share Duo Axis' gorgeous performance of My simple measured steps have brought me herea piece for amplified prepared piano & bass flute.


Since June 2022 I've been doing organ improvisations that are based loosely on one of two improvisational concepts; It creeps the mind and Something kept close.


Since about October 2022, I have been collaborating with Lex Leto and members of the Christine Burke Ensemble on a prioject that can best be described as indie meets experimental classic music. Here's a video of us performing "The Fly", one of the first songs we wrote together, and here is an article written about us by Iowa Press Citizen's Paris Barraza.


In July 2022, my debut album, Something kept close : outdoor music was released on Sawyer Editions! Chris Molinari's review of the album can be read here.






List of composed works here


Christine is a composer and performer from Iowa. Current projects include antique organ improvisations, the creation of a new piece for a pe ri od ic, and recording an album with Lex Leto x Christine Burke Ensemble. She has degrees from Duquesne University and University of Iowa.

"Burke mines her materials masterfully"
(Cacophony Magazine)

(Musical America)

"Burke’s balanced yet asymmetric musical creations dare listeners to predict the next sonic surprise" 
(Vero Rose Smith, Feed Me Weird Things Visual Mixtapes)