Christine is a composer from Iowa City, IA, whose music has been performed by Alkali Collective, Bob Spring, the Walden School Creative Musicians, line upon line, Will Yager, Wolftone, Dog Star Orchestra, Density512, ETHEL, Southland Ensemble, Koehne Quartet at Wien Modern,, Alarm Will Sound at the Mizzou International Compsers Festival, the Chicago Civic Orchestra Fellows, JACK Quartet, Talea Ensemble, Heavy Air, The Living Earth Show, NOW Ensemble, Kamratōn Ensemble, and has participated in Northwestern University's New Music Conference, Núcleo Música Nova, the UNK New Music Festival, and the Earle Brown Music Foundation’s International Summer Academy. Current projects include tabletop organ improvisations and the creation of a new piece for a pe ri od ic.

Christine earned a Master's Degree from the University of Iowa, where she studied with Nomi Epstein, Josh Levine, and Larry Fritts (composition) and Maurita Murphy Marx and Jorge Montilla Moreno (clarinet). She was previously a student of David Stock (composition) and Jack Howell (clarinet) at Duquesne University. She currently resides in Iowa, where she composes for and performs with a group of friends under the name "The Christine Burke Ensemble".


Email for questions about scores, performances, etc.

"Burke mines her materials masterfully"
(Cacophony Magazine)

(Musical America)

"Burke’s balanced yet asymmetric musical creations dare listeners to predict the next sonic surprise" 
(Vero Rose Smith, Feed Me Weird Things Visual Mixtapes)

Picture by Ramin Roshandel

Picture by Justin Comer